This is a mere repository of whatever I write. (which isn’t much to start with)

This is the post excerpt.


I made this blog to post whatever the fuck I wish to.

This might mostly contain passages I like from books or the ones I write myself.

Do look around.


I fear a lot of things. Yes, I do. Everybody does.
The fear of rejection , humiliation , death , loneliness and a number of other things.
I feel fear almost everyday.
I hyperventilate to an extent. I make rash decisions.
I know I’m failing.
I try.
But is it enough?
And when I’m alone without anybody’s interruption I realise that all of us are on the same track.
And it sucks. Sure it does.
But have you ever thought?
Look at the stars.
The vast space.
The endless chasm of nothingness.
Does it scare you?
Maybe yes Maybe no..
I doesn’t scare me though.
It gives me strength.
It teaches me that stars shine the brightest when in utter darkness.
They glimmer constantly. Without any hesitation. They dazzle..and after millennia they die.
But while they lived. They shined. Left a legacy. We still see the light of those stars. Their remains.
What are we then?
Yes indeed. But we are a race which is destined to evolve. To reach towards the heavens. To progress and defeat death.
To overcome every hurdle ,every irregularity.
To be the best.
And after millions of years , when the descendants of humanity will remember us, the progressing humans, all they’ll see will be gods.
Gods who evolved.
Expanded their reaches to the farthest reaches of the universe.
Defeated Death.
They will be in awe of us.
Us humans.
THIS is what keeps me going.
Knowing the fact that I am a contributor to a race of gods.
A small screw in the vast machine of humanity.
A miniscule but important organism.

Yours sincerely.
A dreamer.

Live long and prosper.